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A bank

A bank will look at the borrower’s income relative to the proposed debt service payments . The rule of thumb during the middle of the twentieth century was that a mortgage should not be more than two and a half times income . onitsuka tiger miniA more current rule of thumb was that mortgage payments should not be more than 28 percent of income , and total debt service payments should not be more than 34 percent of income . In recent years , the latter ratio has been relaxed to as much as 40 percent , a financial stretch . A borrower can even apply for a loan with no income verification . Typically , however , the bank requires a large-than –usual down payment 25 to 35 percent or more , and a clean credit record .

  Somewhat different requirements apply for a government loan . For instance , the Veteran’s Administration will make loans to war veterans at low interest rates . Other government agencies target other constituencies such as low-income housing . If you have a good record of running multi-family houses , you may qualify for government loans for the development and management of low-income units . In such cases , your ability to get the loan is contingent on your meeting the particular politically requirements . Also , government loans are more likely to have onerous terms such as prepayment penalties .

  A third source of financing , if you find the right seller and are persuasive enough , is owner financing . A mortgage is nothing more than an IOU in which a buyer agrees to pay a lender the value of the house over a period of time . It is really a way of borrowing money using the house as collateral. tiger shoesThe borrower issues a mortgage , and is known as a mortgage , while the lender is known as the mortgage . In this particular instance , the seller is also the lender of the last resort . Occasionally , there will be home advertisements in the newspaper that say OWC , or owner will carry .

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Financing is the key to most real estate transactions , so if you are buying real estate for your personal use , consumer credit considerations are of paramount importance . Unlike the standard stock leveraging scheme , where the debt is capped at 50 percent of the principal value of the transaction ,onitsuka tiger mexico 66 the standard debt-to-asset ratio in real estate or what the banks call the loan-to-value ratio , is 80 percent ,with a 20 percent down payment . In such an instance , the lender looks as much to the credit of the borrower as to the value of the property , to be sure of repayment . Hence , your record of payment of other debts , or lack thereof , will be a critical factor in whether or not you get credit for a home purchase . Other factors that come into play are your overall financial picture . If you have large amounts of other assets such as stocks , that will help . Retirement assets such as individual retirement accounts (IRAs) cannot be used to secure loans , but even they may indirectly count in a borrower’s favor as evidence of astuteness .

  If you are buying property for rental as a business , then more businesslike considerations apply . The bank will still want to evaluate loan-to-value and income-to-debt service ratios , but may give lesser weight to your personal financial situation . Your past business experience , either in real estate or in other areas , will be taken into account , as will your business credit record . In unusual cases , the lender may require you to sign for loans personally , in which case your personal financial situation will matter . There are several types of lenders . mexico shoesThe most common one is a financial institution such as a bank or a savings and loan . A second is government agencies such as Veteran’s Administration or the Federal Housing Authority . The third source of financing is owner financing .

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a whole dinosaur skeleton

It’s one thing to find a whole dinosaur skeleton, but quite another to discover it’s been buried with its own footprint.

  In a unique find, Polish palaeontologists found a perfectly preserved print next to the skeleton of an 80million-year-old Protoceratops, onitsuka tiger tokidokiwhich was dug up in 1965 in Mongolia.
  The specimen, complete with surrounding rock, had been on display for the past 50 years at a museum in Poland, but amazingly no one had spotted the footprint.
  Then Grzegorz Niedzwiedzki and Tomasz Singer prepared it for display at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw and made the extraordinary chance discovery.

  Dr Phil Manning, a palaeontologist at the University of Manchester, describes the find as ‘gobsmackingly amazing’ and also ‘bloody useful’.
  He told MailOnline: ‘This was the last footprint that it ever made and it’s so useful because it tells us about the geometry of the animal’s flesh, in the same way that if you took a human skeleton hand and pressed it into mud you’d be able to tell something about how thick the fingers were.’
  He explained that out of millions of fossils found all over the world,onitsuka tiger usa this is the first discovery of its kind and should serve as a warning to other palaeontologists.
  Unfortunately, they often discard surrounding rock from skeletons while preparing them for displays.
  Dr Manning added: ‘It should mean that if people are excavating a find in the future they should be on the lookout.’
  Niedzwiedzki and Singer's discovery was reported in the journal Cretaceous Research.
  The Protoceratops was a vegetable-eating dinosaur about the size of a sheep that experts believe lived in herds during the Cretaceous Period.

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a global ranking of the world's most competitive economies

The US has tumbledfurther down a global ranking of the world's most competitive economies, landing at fifth place because of its huge deficits and declining public faith in government, a global economic group said Wednesday.

  The announcement by the World Economic Forum was the latest bad news for the Obama administration, which has been struggling to boost the sinking US economy and lower an unemployment rate of more than 9 percent.

  Switzerland held onto the top spot for the third consecutive year in the annual ranking by the Geneva-based forum, onitsuka tiger dxwhich is best known for its exclusivemeeting of luminariesin Davos, Switzerland, each January.

  Singapore moved up to second place, bumping Sweden down to third. Finland moved up to fourth place, from seventh last year. The US was in fourth place last year, after falling from No. 1 in 2008.

  The rankings, which the forum has issued for more than three decades, are based on economic data and a survey of 15,000 business executives.

  The forum praised the US for its productivity, highly sophisticated and innovative companies, excellent universities and flexible labor market. But it also cited "a number of escalatingweaknesses" such as rising government debt and declining public faith in political leaders and corporate ethics.

  The results of a survey of 142 nations comes a day before Obama is preparing to tackle jobs issues in a speech to the US Congress, and just as US polls show a clear majority of those surveyed say they disapprove of the way Obama is handling the economy.

  Switzerland held ontoits top ranking,onitsuka tiger nippon made the forum said, because of "continuing strong performance across the board" with innovation, technological readiness, even-handedregulation and having one of the world's most stable economic environments.

  Germany, Europe's economic powerhouse, was sixth, followed by the Netherlands and Denmark. Japan came in ninth, and Britain was 10th. France was 18th, and Greece, saddled with debt, fell to 90th.

  The report looked at broader trends: While the US slipped, emerging markets gained traction. China took 26th place, highest among major emerging economies; Brazil was 53rd; India was 56th; and Russia was 66th.

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 Spare human parts grown in laboratories could be just years away after scientists discovered more than 20 ways of growing organs.

  They have already grown the bladder, urethra and windpipe which have been implanted into patients during clinical trials.onitsuka tiger dx Now scientists have set their sights on replicating more complicated organs, including the heart, kidneys, liver, pancreas and thymus.

  The advances could extend life expectancy and cut waiting times for transplants. The developments were detailed at a conference on "rejuvenation technologies" at Cambridge University.

  One of the speakers, Professor Paolo Macchiarini, of the Karolinska institute in Sweden, told how he implanted a laboratory-grown windpipe into a man sticken by throat cancer.

  While Professor Doris Taylor of Minnesota University, onitsuka tiger usahas already created a beating human heart by stripping dead cells from a donor organ and reseeding it with live ones.

  Organiser Aubrey de Gray explained: "We are seeing the emergence of a new era of medicine where the diseases of aging can be blocked or even reversed. These therapies are mostly in research now but eventually they will be commonplace."

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